Friday, 22 June 2012

George Town Child and Family Centre

Department of Education Media Release

22 June 2012

The Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education, Andrew Finch, said today that the Department had received in principle agreement to the Regent Square development proposal from a range of stakeholders.

“In early to mid-2010, the Department sought involvement from local community groups and businesses wishing to be involved in the Hub project.

“In July 2010, the Department became aware of some opposition to the Regent Square development and responded accordingly”, he said.

Mr Finch said that in relation to the proposed donation of some land for the Child and Family Centre, the Department considered the proposal but was not able to accept given the conditions which were placed on the offer.

“These include what can be built on the land and also the requirement to relocate Service Tasmania to a specific separate location,” he said.

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