Thursday, 5 July 2012

Safe and secure school community

Department of Education Media Release

5 July 2012

General Manager Learning Services North-west, Bruce Cameron, today said the Department of Education encouraged the shared use of playgrounds for children of all ages.

“The decision to temporarily create separate play areas at Ridgley Primary School was done so like-aged children could enjoy age-appropriate play in a safe and supported environment.

“It can initially be a new and unfamiliar situation for younger students to be integrated into a playground environment with older students.

“The playground is now being successfully shared once more.”

Mr Cameron said the Department had a high focus on teaching students respect and how their actions may affect others.

“The Tasmanian Safe School Framework provides schools with support in developing school strategies and actions to build environments that promote the wellbeing of all students.

“Through the Tasmanian Curriculum we teach and reinforce personal safety, resilience, and appropriate behaviour.

“Students learn to understand and manage themselves, their relationships, and how to be effective learners.”

Mr Cameron said the Department took all measures necessary to ensure a safe and supportive school community.

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