Monday, 16 July 2012

Teaching graduates

Department of Education Media Release

16 July 2012

The current entry salary for a teaching graduate is between $56,463 (Level 4) and $59,337 (Level 5) per annum  depending on whether the level of training is four or five years.

The teaching salary scale goes up to a Level 12 ($82,533 per annum).

The Workplace Renewal Incentive Program as at mid-June had cost $4.02 million, and has been calculated to result in saving of $7.4 million.  This figure is for the 268 Department of Education staff (teaching and non-teaching) who have accepted the incentive.

In 2012, 22 graduates were employed as part of the Partnership in Teaching Excellence Program, and 15 as a result of the Workforce Renewal Incentive Program.

Additionally 39 new teachers were employed by the Department in 2012, and a significant proportion of these would have been new or recent graduates.

Some additional graduates would have been employed directly through Learning Services, however the number is difficult to quantify as it occurs as part of general staffing.

The Department of Education is committed to workforce sustainability and providing ways to support teaching graduates to enter the profession.

The Partnerships in Teaching Excellence (PiTE) program is a year-long program that identifies elite potential teachers in the final year of their teaching degree at University and provides ongoing mentoring and extensive classroom experience in schools.

Students selected for the program receive an offer of a permanent position with the Department of Education when they complete their studies.

22 PiTE scholarship holders took up positions in Department schools at the beginning of 2012.

The Workforce Renewal Incentive Program is designed to provide for workforce renewal associated with management of the department’s workforce, and has also provided opportunities for the employment of graduates.

To date approximately 15 graduates have been permanently appointed primarily  as a result of the workforce renewal incentive program in 2012.

The Department considers expressions of interest for the Workforce Renewal Incentive Program on a case-by-case basis, including the operational requirements of the position, replacement options available and genuine renewal of the workforce.

Vacancies are firstly filled by staff already employed within the department, for example substantive staff in roles no longer required, reducing the requirement to maintain staff on fixed term contracts.

From the end of 2010 until 15 June 2012, 189 teaching staff had taken up the incentive.

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