Friday, 10 August 2012

Computing courses for Elderly people

Department of Education Media Release

10 Aug 2012

The following response can be attributed to the Director LINC Tasmania Jenny Rayner

LINC Tasmania offers a variety of options for seniors to participate in IT and upgrade their skills and knowledge :

  • Programming for Seniors Week in October will include a number of targeted courses for seniors at major urban and regional centres across the state.  These courses will be free of charge.
  • Other options below do not specifically target seniors but are available to anyone with a need.  Although there are no statistics indicating participation by age groups, many seniors do take advantage of them.
  • Urban and regional LINCs and Online Access Centres across Tasmania provide a range of free IT support through trained staff and volunteers, and will support clients to use equipment and software available on LINC equipment.  Where there is obvious demand they may also run short training sessions for small groups interested in the same issues.
  • A series of low cost (usually $11.00) non-accredited IT courses are offered on a regular basis throughout LINCs and the OAC network which cover a wide range of IT topics to meet local demand.  These courses are listed on the LearnXpress website and in the course guide which is published 3 times a year.  LINC staff can also provide information on course availability.  In 2011/2012 there were 2923 enrolments in non-accredited courses across LINC Tasmania.
  • Accredited courses are also offered in conjunction with the Polytechnic and other Registered Training Organisations as local demand exists.  These are more formal structured courses leading to qualifications at various levels.  Costs vary according to content and length of the courses.
  • Specialised IT courses are also offered on a fee-for-service basis through LearnXpress.  Concession fees are available for all such courses.  69 courses in this category were offered in 2011/12.

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