Thursday, 26 July 2012

ICT Curriculum

Department of Education Media Release

26 July 2012

The following response can be attributed to the Education Department Deputy Secretary Early Years and Schools Liz Banks

What is being done in Tasmanian schools to educate pupils and students about the risks involved with “sexting”, distribution of digital content, legal rights?

The Tasmanian Curriculum includes an ICT Curriculum framework which focuses on key concepts relating to online safety, identity, etiquette and intellectual property and copyright. Schools plan and implement this in a variety of ways to suit local need.  The suggested content for these areas include:

  • Sharing materials responsibly
  • Awareness of the different forms that cybercrime can take
  • Respecting the privacy of others
  • Awareness of intellectual property and copyright rights and responsibilities

Key resources used by schools to address these concepts in relation to ‘sexting’ include:

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