Friday, 10 August 2012

Old Rocherlea Primary School site

Department of Education Media Release

10 Aug 2012

Andrew Finch – Deputy Secretary Department of Education:

The Department of Education has been conscious of local community issues in regard to the old Rocherlea Primary School site.

The Department of Education transferred a small portion of the land to the Department of Health and Human Services at no cost for use by the Northern Suburbs Community Centre who established a peace garden.

The Department has worked with community groups where possible to ensure surplus equipment removed from the old Rocherlea school site is used to benefit community members.

The tender for the demolition of the building will prioritise the recycling of goods and facilities and the reduction of landfill.

A requirement in the tender documents will be that the successful contractor considers which goods or material can be reused.

No reasonable offers for the sale of the property have been made to the Department of Treasury and Finance.

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