Monday, 6 August 2012

Old Rocherlea Primary School to be demolished

Department of Education Media Release

8 Aug 2012

Andrew Finch, Deputy Secretary Department of Education, today said the vacant Rocherlea Primary School buildings would be demolished.

Mr Finch said the old Rocherlea Primary School had been closed since the opening of the new school in 2009.

"Students have been enjoying brand new facilities at the new Rocherlea Primary School located next to Brooks High School since Term III 2009, and the vacant school has been unutilised since this time," Mr Finch said.

Mr Finch said the property had been handed to the Department of Treasury and Finance in 2010 to sell on behalf of the Department of Education, however a sale had not been achieved.

"The vacant site has been the subject of vandalism and security breaches and there are ongoing costs associated with maintaining the vacant site and providing security,"

Mr Finch said the buildings were dilapidated and not considered to add any value to the property.

"The Department of Education has carefully considered the options and determined that the best solution is to remove the buildings.

"This will ensure that the property is maintained as a safe asset and the potential to achieve a sale as a vacant block can be enhanced," he said.

"As originally intended, the money from the sale of the property will partially reimburse the cost of constructing the new school."

Mr Finch said demolition will be subject to the requirements of the Launceston City Council's Development Application process which is expected to commence in August 2012.

"A key aspect of the demolition works will be the capacity to recycle building materials and minimisation of waste to landfill."

"A suitably qualified contractor will be engaged to demolish the buildings through a public tender process and this will be advertised in the public notices in coming weeks."

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