Thursday, 30 August 2012

Participation in physical activities

Department of Education Media Release

30 Aug 2012

To be attributed to Liz Banks, Deputy Secretary Early Years and Schools

The Department of Education believes that children should be encouraged to participate in physical activities that help develop their fitness and that allow them to be adventurous.

It is very natural for children to want to try out physical activities. Many students would have watched the recent coverage of the Olympics where they saw role models to emulate.

Schools actively encourage creativity and free play within a supervised and safe environment.

In all physical activity there is a possible risk of injury and that risk is associated with many things that we do in life. 

It is not reasonable to prevent children from taking part in physical activities because there is some chance of injury. 

Schools’ duty of care towards students includes assessing risk and intervening when it is believed that an activity poses a danger to children’s safety.

Teaching children the skills of particular games and sports also assists in minimising risks.

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