Monday, 27 August 2012

Rocherlea site not neglected

Department of Education Media Release

27 Aug 2012

To be attributed to Andrew Finch, Education Department Deputy Secretary

23 August 2012

The Department of Education has put in additional security measures at the site, including the boarding up of windows and additional security patrols in a bid to reduce vandalism which is a community issue.

It is normal practice for the Department of Education to employ additional security services for vacant departmental property as they are major sites in local communities which may attract vandalism. Since September 2009, around $50,000 has been spent on security.

The process of disposal of a departmental site takes time. The process includes the creation of titles and statutory approvals. The length of time this takes depends on each individual site and the various processes that are required to dispose of the site correctly.

In the case of the former Rocherlea Primary school site, the process was extended by the accommodation of various community projects, such as the Rocherlea Football Club which had a number of months to remove covered walkways and a gymnasium and the granting of land for a community garden.

The former students of Rocherlea are now benefiting from a brand new State of the Art school and the intention remains to dispose of the old school as quickly as possible.

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