Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sex Education

Department of Education Media Release

26 July 2012

Sexuality and relationship education is covered in the Health and Wellbeing curriculum in Tasmanian Government schools where the focus is on personal and social development, Department of Education Deputy Secretary, Early Years and Schools, Liz Banks, said today.

“When planning sexuality and relationship education programs, teachers consider what is suitable for children at particular stages of their development,” Ms Banks said.

“Sexuality and relationship education is an area that the parent community expects schools to include within their curriculum while acknowledging that parents have the major responsibility for the sexuality and relationship education of their children.

“Individual schools and their communities are able to decide the most suitable program for their children. Teachers are supported by curriculum documents with age-appropriate activities. They also have access to professional learning sessions,” she said.

Ms Banks said that the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum, currently under development, will provide students with the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills to manage the physical, emotional and social changes they will experience as they reach puberty,” she said.

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