Monday, 27 August 2012

Workforce Renewal Incentive Program - Relief Teachers

Department of Education Media Release

27 Aug 2012

To be attributed to Andrew Finch, Education Department Deputy Secretary

23 August 2012

Staff who receive an incentive payment are unable to reapply for a permanent Tasmanian State Service position for a period of two years.

However, a deed of release is executed for every employee who receives a Workplace Renewal Incentive Program (WRIP) and the deed expressly provides that the former employee may undertake relief work without any exclusion period.

It is a common practice for schools to engage former teachers to undertake relief work. This is particularly so given the teacher would have local knowledge and relevant teaching experience in the subject matter or sector and also that it is sometimes difficult to obtain suitable relief teachers. There is no intention to stop this occurring as schools already struggle to source relief teachers at various times.

A total of 35 teachers registered for relief teaching after accepting payment under the Workplace Renewal Incentives Program. Five of these were in the North.

There are no direct costs in taking the employees back as relief teachers. The costs are in the work they perform in schools as relief teachers which is part of the everyday function of schools.

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