Monday, 3 September 2012

Teacher accommodation in regional areas

Department of Education Media Release

3 September 2012

To be attributed to Andrew Finch, Deputy Director (Corporate Services)

Q:  For the housing provided for teachers and police to be upgraded.

“The provision of teacher accommodation in regional areas is considered an important incentive for attracting and retaining teaching staff in schools in regional areas.

“Under the North West Teacher Residence Program, the Department of Education has recently undertaken plumbing, heating and electrical works to improve the quality of teacher residences on the West Coast.

“A major capital upgrade of the Wilson Street unit complex of 13 units located in Queenstown has recently been undertaken.  Further work to improve the quality of teacher residences on the West Coast is planned.

“In November 2010, the Department of Education commissioned Cat Conatus Consultants to complete a review of teacher accommodation in North West Tasmania.

“The final report showed that the majority of residents are generally satisfied with current housing arrangements.  It makes 13 key recommendations.  To improve the quality of teacher residences, the department has progressed a number of the recommendations in consultation with schools, Learning Services North-West and the Australian Education Union (AEU). The initial focus has been on the more remote areas of the west coast. Implementation of recommendations in consultation with key stakeholders continues.

“The department is currently developing a strategy to adopt the agreed recommendations across the State which includes a state-wide Teacher Residence Management policy.

“The final report is available to all interested parties on

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