Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Annual Report

Department of Education Media Release

23 October 2012

Deputy Secretary Department of Education

Education Department Deputy Secretary Andrew Finch said today that a reduction in teacher numbers as reported in the Department of Education’s Annual Report 2011-12 was due mostly to a change in Government staff reporting requirements.

“The reason for this has been a change in reporting rules which means only paid staff are now included in statistics.

“Staff on unpaid leave are no longer being included,” he said.

Mr Finch said that the remaining reduction in teacher numbers is broadly attributable to a reduction in student numbers in the K-12 sector requiring fewer teachers and also as a result of staff departures under the Workforce Renewal Incentive Program.

“These vacancies are firstly filled by staff already employed within the department, for example substantive staff in roles no longer required, reducing the requirement to engage fixed-term staff,” he said.

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