Thursday, 18 October 2012

Enrolment Policy

Department of Education Media Release

16 October 2012

General Manager, Learning Services (South)

What are the current criteria for being enrolled in an out-of-area school? I was told there were about five different circumstances?
 Most schools have a transparent list supported by the parent body.  For example, if they have a sibling, there was a specific reason (medical / identified need) or children of parents who went to the school.

Some parents have been asked in for an “interview” to attend an out-of-area school. What would this be for?
Most schools have an interview with every student in their feeder primary school as a courtesy and to build a relationship with the student before they arrive.   Large high schools, for example Taroona High School, interview all students with a parent/guardian but other schools might just leave an interview for only an out of area application.  This process varies across schools, particularly those with many feeder schools as it encourages a personal connection.

Is there any way to stop parents putting a different address to have their child enrolled in a school of their preference? I know of cases where parents write down their relatives’ address, even though the relatives won’t be involved. Is this common? Is it frowned upon?
Confirmation of address is required for all enrolments. 
Do some schools get too crowded because they reach maximum and then find a large number of new families move into the area?
Students who are in area have an entitlement to enrol at their local school and schools must manage student numbers carefully.  Principals know what the capacity of their school is and ensure that wherever possible this capacity is not exceeded.

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