Monday, 8 April 2013

Education for young asylum seekers

Department of Education Media Release

8 April 2013

General Manager, Tasmanian Polytechnic


Paul Murphy, General Manager, Tasmanian Polytechnic said that up to 150 young asylum seekers currently housed at Pontville would commence formal study this week through the Tasmanian Polytechnic.

“Students engaged in this program will range from 15-17 years of age and their program of study will focus on English language training.

“This includes being taught English through a range of practical activities which incorporate social studies, maths and environmental studies,’ he said.

Mr Murphy said the program had been developed specifically for this cohort of students with each program running for 10 weeks.

“The students will participate in a full 6 hour day and attend 5 days a week.

“English language teachers at the Polytechnic are fully qualified to meet the learning needs of this cohort of students.

Mr Murphy said the program was being delivered on a commercial basis through a contract between the Polytechnic and DIAC and that DIAC were responsible for the transport requirements of the students.


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