Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Principal, Wynyard High School


Department of Education Media Release

16 April 2013

General Manager, Learning Services North West


Mr Cameron said the Department of Education was working with the school community to fill the permanent Principal position as soon as possible to minimise disruption and deliver stability for the school.

“Given the pivotal role a Principal plays, it is crucial that a permanent position is filled with the highest quality candidate.

“This involves a rigorous process conducted by a selection panel which includes a parent representative to ensure the community’s views are taken into account.

“Learning Services North West has responded to the strong desire from the community to maintain the current leadership at Wynyard High School while further selection processes are undertaken.

“While acknowledging this can be a difficult time for the school, we are committed to working with the community to find the best possible candidate to deliver positive outcomes for the school now and into the future.”

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