Friday, 5 April 2013

Tasmania’s AEDI results

   Department of Education Media Release

5 April 2013

                                     Deputy Secretary Department of Education

Deputy Secretary, Liz Banks said that significant investments had been made into early years development through the introduction of Child and Family Centres and the Launching into Learning Program.

“Launching into Learning is a program managed by schools and delivered by appropriately qualified teachers.

“Child and Family Centres are also run by appropriately trained and qualified staff,” she said.


The AEDI results tables show the local communities’ results displayed as the proportion and number of children developmentally vulnerable on the AEDI domains and the total number of children surveyed from each local community. 
It is important to consider both the proportion of children developmentally vulnerable and the number of children this represents. 
For example in Launceston, the 10 per cent of children identified as developmentally vulnerable against the “emotional maturity” domain represents 3 children.


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