Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Incident at East Derwent Primary

   Department of Education Media Release

14 May 2013

                                  Deputy Secretary Department of Education


Ms Banks said that the device brought to school does not allow for a substance to be injected. 

“The student brought their grandmother’s diabetic testing kit to school and together with three other children used the diabetic finger stick test to prick themselves.
“The incident occurred in the playground during a scheduled break, and the kit was confiscated as soon as the teacher became aware.
“While the students claim to have changed the head of the finger stick test before each use, to be safe, it was recommended to parents that the students involved be taken to the doctor for appropriate follow up,” she sai

Ms Banks said the Department of Education had previously worked with Health and Human Services to develop clear and effective procedures to deal with public health incidents in schools.

“In this case, we have followed the procedures immediately and provided appropriate care to students and proper advice to parents.”

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