Thursday, 16 May 2013

Student safety

   Department of Education Media Release

16 May 2013

                                  General Manager, Learning Services North West


Mr Cameron said it was important that schools and parents work together to remind students regularly of the importance of personal safety.

“While schools are proactive through the delivery of a range of classroom programs, parents and carers also have an important role to reinforce personal safety messages with their children.

“Parents can help by teaching their child their full name and address and your full name, where you work, your phone number and mobile number.”

Students need to always be aware and alert and feel confident to report issues when they feel unsafe. You can help by teaching your child the following:

·  Never accept rides, lollies, gifts, or money from people you do not know. It is not rude to say, “NO THANK YOU”.

·  Always make sure your parents or carers know where you are going and what time you will be home.

·  Never go anywhere unless you have your parent or carers permission.

·  Try to always travel with a friend.

·  Make sure you know your parent or carer’s phone numbers or carry a mobile phone with their phone number saved, so you can ring them in an emergency, or just to call to let them know you will be late.


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