Friday, 7 June 2013

Occupancy Rates/Infrastructure

Department of Education Media Release

Andrew Finch

Deputy Secretary, Department of Education
7 June 2013

Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education, Andrew Finch said the department works in partnership with schools to monitor occupancy rates.

“Recognising that schools have the capacity to be flexible in the way they use their facilities, we ensure any occupancy issues are considered before they impact on learning programs.

“For example, Waimea Heights Primary School was one of 3 schools to share in $2.5 million for capital works in the 2013/14 Budget to increase capacity.

“Addressing space in schools is only 1 of 7 criteria considered when seeking funding under the Capital Investment Program.

“As well as the Capital Investment Program, many other schools have recently received capital works funding under the Federal Government’s Building Education Revolution Program, which included projects to address occupancy issues.

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