Monday, 8 July 2013

Public Vocation and Education Training reforms complete

Department of Education Media Release

Colin Pettit

Secretary, Department of Education
5 July 2013

The Steering Committee tasked with implementing the recommendations of the Simmons Report met for the final time last week, ahead of the introduction of TasTAFE on 1 July.

Colin Pettit, Secretary of the Department of Education and Chair of the Steering Committee said 12 months ago the Government had received a comprehensive report into the future of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Tasmania.

“Virginia Simmons’ report made 60 recommendations, of which 57 were supported by Government and have now been largely implemented.

“Obviously the most visible of these recommendations was the move to TasTAFE, which I am pleased to say, was implemented very smoothly this week.

“The conclusion of this process has been a major achievement for the VET sector in Tasmania and the many who contributed along the way,” he said.

“The critical contribution of over 150 volunteers, mainly from the VET sector and the extensive consultation process was the driving force to delivering a successful outcome,” he said.

Virginia Simmons, the consultant who delivered the initial report said she was impressed with the smooth way in which the working groups were established and the quality of their outputs.

“The number of staff participating in the transition process on a voluntary basis was impressive and by no short way has helped the Government deliver this project successfully.

Ms Simmons said the speed and clarity of the legislative change also played a large part in seeing this project delivered on time and with no major issues.

Mr Pettit took the opportunity to thank all Chairs and members of the various workgroups for their commitment to the successful establishment of TasTAFE.

“This has been a tremendous effort by all involved, many on a voluntary basis on top of their day to day work,” he said.

Mr Pettit also acknowledged the strength of the report by Virginia Simmons which provided a sound basis for the implementation of the Government’s response to the VET Review.

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