Friday, 21 March 2014

Fairview Primary School set to benefit from new Kindergarten facilities

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21 March 2014

Fairview Primary School is set to benefit from brand new kindergarten facilities on site, following the project gaining support from the School Association this week.

Currently the school’s kindergarten facilities are located off-site, and the $800,000 project means that the school community will not only benefit from improved facilities but also the convenience of a kindergarten at their local school.

Fairview Primary School Principal Sonya Plunkett-Smith said that the school was looking forward to being able to have its kindergarten students join the rest of the school on site from 2015.

“Having kindergarten facilities at the school will mean that staff, students and their families will feel much more connected and a part of the school community from the time they start their formal education.

“We are also very fortunate to benefit from brand new facilities, which will of course mean a first-class learning experience for our students.”

The Tasmanian Government’s successful Launching into Learning program, which is run in every Tasmanian Government school, aims to connect children and their families with their local school before they start kindergarten.

“Having kindergarten facilities at the school will also mean that those children attending our LiL program will be able to remain in this familiar school environment as they progress onto kindergarten and through to primary school, with results of this program showing this is of huge benefit to a child’s performance and attendance in later school years.”

The school’s current off-site kindergarten will be closed and the site put on the market as part of the upgrade.

“The School Association whole heartedly supports the move to brand new facilities on site at Fairview Primary, as it will stand to benefit our children and their families in the long term.”

Proceeds from the sale of the vacant kindergarten site will be retained by the Department of Education, and used as the major funding source for the new facilities at Fairview.  Any additional funding required for the project will be funded directly by the Department.

Construction is likely to commence mid-year, and be ready in time for the 2015 school year.

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